I found a piece of a torn photograph, a fragment of Richard Nixon, on the
sidewalk in downtown Portland and kept it in my jacket pocket. I carried
it everywhere for months, occasionally taking it out to shoot a photo.

I don’t really know much about Nixon, but I have dreamt about him
several times over the years. The first time he visited me in a dream was
at my parents’ house in Belmont, California, and then a few more times
since then. We always have a nice chat. He is always crying.

Eventually I lost my fragment of Nixon somewhere on Alberta Street.
It must have fallen out of my jacket pocket. I posted a couple of ads on
Craigslist lost and found: “Lost Nixon. Please help.”

I think people probably thought it was a joke. I guess it was.

I would quite like to have it back though.

Thank you.

by Rob Gray

Portland, OR 2016