Vocals by Dave. Music by Rob

ANNA SUE - Anna Sue
Three songs written by Johnny Mercer, Barry Manilow, and Bob Dylan. 
Vocals by Anna Sue. Music by Rob.

Dreams - Blake Walker
All vocals written and performed by Blake "Dugaboo" Walker. Music by Rob.

HandiRap - Special K
All vocals written and performed by Kyle aka Special K. Music by Rob.

ALLSTAR - The Full Life All Stars
A compilation of songs written and performed by friends at Full Life, a day program for adults with developmental disabilities in northeast Portland, OR. Music by Rob.

Economy - The Shakey Shakes
Written and recorded by Rob and Lindsay in Rob's bedroom at his parent's house in Belmont, CA. the winter before we moved to Portland (2008). 

Solo Projects

Y.A.N.A. - Uncool
also available on Spotify, itunes, Apple Music...


Two Quiet People Uncool

American Soup - silly Rob Childish

collection EP  by silly Rob Childish

R'N'B  by silly Rob Childish

OTHER PROJECTS: COLDGOLDCHAIN, Tiananmen Bear, ye olde silly rob childish, CHESHIRE, Gang of Virgins, the intelligent turtles...